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Internet Safety

Children are embracing the internet with remarkable enthusiasm as they venture online to learn, play, and communicate with their friends.  Unfortunately, cyberspace is not always a safe place for youngsters to visit.  Sex offenders use the privacy and anonymity of the internet to prey on vulnerable children and teenagers whose internet access is unsupervised.  Stay one step ahead of your child by learning of new and current trends.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children disclosed that one in five children ages 10-17 received a sexual solicitation over the internet in 1999.  (Finkelhor, Mitchell, and Wolak, 2000)

K-State Research & Extension in Sedgwick County has partnered with the local Exploited and Missing Child Unit (EMCU) to inform community families about the dynamics of the internet.  EMCU provides up-to-date information that will equip parents for the challenges they may encounter with their children using the internet.  All presenters are fully trained professionals in the field.

This program consists of three two-hour sessions, which are offered twice a year at the Sedgwick County Extension Building.  We also offer a single two-hour session for schools and other groups throughout the county.  If you are interested in bringing these workshops to your group, please contact Liz Brunscheen-Cartagena at lizb@ksu.edu.

Internet Safety for Students introduces students to the most common digital threats, real examples of these scams in action, and what students can do to protect themselves. It even includes a list of the best resources for anyone dealing with cyber threats.  http://www.cyberdegrees.org/resources/internet-safety-for-college-students/

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