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Sedgwick County

Sedgwick County
7001 W. 21st Street N.
Wichita, KS  67205
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8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday


Shrubs and Roses

Shrubs are great in the landscape for providing accent color, winter color, and for privacy screening. 

On Our Grounds

At the Sedgwick County Extension Arboretum we demonstrate a variety of shrubs and our largest collection is viburnums that are a part of the K-State Viburnum Trial.


'Diana' Koreanspice Viburnum


(V. carlesii; 'Diana')

Roses can add great color to the landscape.  K-State has a publication with tips on growing roses.  On the south side of the 4-H Hall entrance of the Sedgwick County Extension Education Center we have a planting of modern roses and miniature roses.  You will find Master Gardeners tending the roses on many Saturday mornings during the summer and they are there to answer your questions.


Shrub Rose Planting in Sedgwick County Extension Arboretum


What can I do about my roses that have rose rosette? 

The biggest problem with growing roses is the Rose Rosette disease. The only effective control for this disorder at this time is complete digging up and removal of the entire rose plant at the first sign of the disease.  All rose varieties are currently thought to be susceptible to rose rosette.


Rose Rosette Symptoms

Contact Information

Have Questions? Contact:

Sedgwick County 
7001 W. 21st St. North
Wichita KS 67205-1759
(316) 660-0144

Garden Hotline
(316) 660-0190
9 am - Noon
1 pm - 4 pm

Matt McKernan
Ornamental Horticulture Agent
(316) 660-0140