Industry Technical Assistance

In addition to providing businesses with environmental compliance assistance, the Environmental Protection Agency provides Kansas with funding to assist business with process, material and technology changes that reduce wastes and emissions at the source. This is called source reduction.

Surveys and data collected indicate Kansas industries are making changes as a result of our services. Recent survey data indicates:

  • Clients surveyed stated they have changed their behavior, confirming that 68% of the compliance recommendations made were implemented and 58% of the P2 recommendations were implemented.

Implementing these P2 recommendations has resulted in the following estimated emissions reductions and dollar savings:

  • More than $17,000 in direct costs through assistance or P2 project implementation.
  • More than 22 tons of solid waste diverted.
  • More than 22,000 pounds of solvents, hazardous waste, and/or caustics were reduced or eliminated.
  • One client eliminated 130 pounds of elemental mercury, a persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic material.

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