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Pesticide Applicator Testing

Private Pesticide Applicators
Private Pesticide Applicator licenses are issued by the Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) and are for those using controlled pesticides in the production of an agricultural commodity on property they (or their employer) own or rent.  As a private pesticide applicator, you are applying pesticides without compensation.  

Testing for a NEW Private Pesticide Applicator license is done at the Sedgwick County Extension Office, located at 7001 W. 21st St. N. in Wichita.  The fee is $25, paid online, and you should allow approximately 3 hours to take the test.  You will need to set up an appointment to take the test by calling us at 316-660-0144.  A study manual for this test is available for purchase at our office ($10.64), or you can view the manual online for free here.  This is an open book test. 

Renewals of EXISTING Private Pesticide Applicator licenses are handled directly by the KDA.  Renewal applications are mailed to the address on file for the licensee.  If you have questions regarding the renewal of your license you will need to contact the KDA at (785) 564-6688.

Additional information on Private Pesticide Applicator licensing is found on the KDA website

Commercial Pesticide Applicators
Commercial Pesticide Applicator licenses are also administered by the Kansas Department of Agriculture.  Applicators are required to pass exams in order to receive a license, and you can register to take a test here.  Study manuals for these exams are available at the Sedgwick County Extension Office (pricing varies by sub-category), or you can view them online for free here.

Commercial Pesticide Applicator licenses are typically issued for a three-year period.  In order to renew an existing license, applicators must attend recertification training, retake the license exam, or have a reciprocating license with another state.  Recertification credits can be obtained any time between when the license is issued and the license expires.  Requirements vary by license category, and further information on renewing a commercial applicator license can be found here

The Sedgwick County Extension Office offers training each November to obtain credits toward recertifying in categories 3A & 3B.  Check our event calendar for pesticide training event information.  

Additional recertification credits can be obtained throughout the year, and a current list of upcoming recertification training opportunities can be found here

If you have further questions on commercial pesticide applicator licensing, contact the KDA at (785) 564-6688.