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Sedgwick County

Sedgwick County
7001 W. 21st Street N.
Wichita, KS  67205
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Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday


Youth Programs and Resources

In School Presentations

Our Youth Education Committee primarily focuses on in-classroom gardening presentations for elementary school students. The presentations are requested through the 4-H Department.   

School Gardening Programs

Our staff and Master Gardeners can assist with the implementation of school garden programs. We can provide technical assistance for starting gardens. Assistance with delivering programs by our Master Gardeners is assessed on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on volunteer availability.  

Youth Lawn Mowing Clinic

The Youth Lawn Mowing Clinic is held each March during Spring Break, usually on Wednesday, with a morning and afternoon session. The class is targeted at youth in the 5th-9th grades. The sessions cover basic lawn information, lawn mowing safety, lawn mower maintenance, and how to start a lawn mowing business. 

Contact Information

Have Questions? Contact:

Sedgwick County 
7001 W. 21st St. North
Wichita KS 67205-1759
(316) 660-0144

Debra Harries
MG Volunteer Coordinator
(316) 660-0138

Rebecca McMahon
Horticultural Food Crops Agent
(316) 660-0142

Matt McKernan
Ornamental Horticulture Agent
(316) 660-0140