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Sedgwick County

Sedgwick County
7001 W. 21st Street N.
Wichita, KS  67205
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Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday


Growing Growers ICT Program

A farmer and apprentice review information while working in a hoop house

Growing Growers Learning Network is a beginning farmer education program, pairing a season-long apprenticeship with a workshop and farm tour series to train individuals interested in starting fruit and vegetable farms. The program facilitates hands-on farm experience and one-on-one mentorship, and provides technical growing knowledge and business management information.

Learn more at our new website: ictfoodcircle.org/growinggrowers

Want to get involved, but don't know where to start?  Complete this brief interest form and we will connect you to the most effective opportunities for your situation.  

Have an idea, and want to jump right in?  Complete the first part of the Introductory Module, meant to help you develop your farm idea and take strategic steps toward your goal.

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Have Questions? Contact:

Sedgwick County 
7001 W. 21st St. North
Wichita KS 67205-1759
(316) 660-0144
Fax (316)660-0166

Rebecca McMahon
Horticultural Food Crops Agent
(316) 660-0142

Kinzie Kirkland
Growing Growers Program Manager
(316) 660-0145