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Plant a Row for the Hungry Combats Local Hunger

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Plant a Row for the Hungry

WICHITA — Plant a Row for the Hungry kicks off its 23rd year in Sedgwick County this month, by asking all gardeners to plant a little extra this season, and share the surplus with those in need throughout our community. With over 70,000 local residents facing food insecurity every day, this program offers a way for those who love to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs, to have an immediate effect on the problem of hunger by sharing their bounty with others.  One plant at a time, one row at a time, your garden can help provide healthy, fresh, nutritious food for others.

“What is great about the Plant a Row for the Hungry program is that we all have the ability to contribute something, even if it is as small as a single cucumber, to help address food insecurity in the community” says Lori Lohrenz, Extension Master Gardener and coordinator of the local Plant a Row for the Hungry program. “Whatever you grow best and abundantly in your garden will be appreciated, from the first potatoes of summer to the last squash in fall.  Peak-quality fruits and vegetables are all shared within the community at no charge to recipients.”

The program is a cooperative effort between Sedgwick County Extension Master Gardener Volunteers, Common Ground Producers & Growers Inc. Mobile Market, ICT Food Rescue, and a network of participating businesses that collect produce dropped off at their locations. Donations are then redistributed to local residents who are food insecure, or don’t otherwise have access to fresh produce. “The partnerships this year will help us to better utilize all of the produce we receive” says Lohrenz. “In addition to offering fresh produce to the community, we will also be able to provide prepared meals using the fresh produce as well. This will help us reduce any food waste from our donations, and make sure we can reach even more in the community who are in need of a healthy meal.”

Beginning now through fall, donations will be collected from eleven conveniently located drop-off sites around the Wichita-metro area and delivered to those in need. Donations will be accepted at:  

  • Augusta Ace Home Center - 316 W. 7th Ave, Augusta
  • Brady Nursery - 11200 W. Kellogg
  • Hillside Nursery - 2200 S. Hillside
  • Hillside Feed & Seed - 1805 S. Hillside
  • Johnson’s Garden Centers (East & West) - 6225 E. Shadybrook and 2707 W. 13th
  • P&P Seed & Bait - 1901 E. 21st North
  • Valley Feed & Seed - 1903 S. Meridian
  • Woodard Mercantile (Maize & Andover) - 4160 N. Maize Rd. and 1313 E. US-54 in Andover
  • ICT Food Rescue, Towne West Square – 4600 W. Kellogg

Started as a public service program by the Garden Writers Association and the GWA Foundation in 1995, the local Plant a Row for the Hungry effort has distributed over 800,000 pounds of fresh food since beginning locally in 2000.

For more information, contact:


Matthew McKernan
(316) 660-0140

Flyer with drop-off locations