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Gardening Classes Kick Off Spring In Partnership With The Wichita Public Library

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Daffodils bloom early and are a sure sign of SpringDaffodils bloom early and are a sure sign that Spring is on the way! 

WICHITA — Spring rains and warmer temperatures are starting to bring area gardens back to life. K-State Research & Extension – Sedgwick County and the Wichita Public Library want to help gardeners prepare.

The 2021 Spring Gardening Series returns with 5-weeks of gardening classes to help gardeners make the most of the new growing season. Learn about a variety of timely gardening topics in these upcoming free gardening classes at the Wichita Public Library. The classes will be held Thursdays from 6:00-7:30 p.m. All classes are being hosted live, virtually via Zoom.

Class schedule and topics: 

  • March 25: Top 20 Vegetable Pests & Problems
    The lure of beautiful, delicious produce inspires us to plant a wide range of vegetables every year. The excitement can quickly turn to disappointment when insects, diseases, and the weather cause our veggies to be more compost-worthy than Instagram-ready! Come learn from Horticulture Extension Agent Rebecca McMahon about the top 20 pests and problems that plague Kansas vegetable gardens and how you can garden smart and be prepared to deal with them.

  • April 1: Tree-Mendous Trees!
    Extension Master Gardener Donna Wise will talk about the many ways trees enhance our lives, from shade and wind protection, to carbon sequestration, to just being beautiful. She will talk about how to select trees for our area and what to do to care for them so they will thrive.

  • April 8: Tips for Shade Garden Plants
    Discover new plants you may want to add to your shade garden and learn what those plants need in order to thrive. Extension Master Gardener Kathy Bagwell will discuss habits of shade plants, what colors and textures they can provide, as well as how to care for them in order to have a beautiful shade garden.

  • April 15: Designing Drought Tolerant Landscapes
    Droughts come and droughts go, but there are many ways to drought proof your gardens and home landscapes to minimize damage. Extension Master Gardener Kay Drennen will share planning and maintenance tips, as well as a list of drought tolerant plants for your water wise landscape.

  • April 22: An Introduction to Container Gardening
    If you have ever encountered poor growing conditions, or limited time and space for conventional gardening, but still have the desire for fresh food or beautiful plants, this class will be of interest to you. Extension Master Gardener Kevin Madden will present tips to help you successfully grow vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants in containers.

All classes are free, but pre-registration is required in order to receive handouts and the meeting invitation. Registration opens two weeks prior to each class. Register online through the events calendar on the Wichita Public Library's website, or by calling 316-261-8500.

Following each presentation, the recordings will be available on the Wichita Public Library's YouTube channel.

The classes are a joint project of the K-State Research & Extension - Sedgwick County Master Gardener Volunteer program and the Wichita Public Library.


Matthew McKernan