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2021 Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification Workshop Announced

Monday, Nov. 1, 2021

The 2021 Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021

WICHITA — The 2021 Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification Workshop is being held for those that work as applicators of turf and ornamental pest management products. The workshop will be held as a hybrid event – participants can attend either in person or online via Zoom, on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 from 8:00am – 5:00pm. 

All lawn, landscape, and pest control companies who commercially apply pesticides for control of insects, diseases, weeds, or other pests are required by the Kansas Department of Agriculture to be certified in order to safely use pesticides.

Once certified, commercial applicators have 3 years to renew their certification licenses by either receiving continuing education credits (such as provided by this workshop) or by examination.  This process verifies that a commercial pesticide applicator has adequate knowledge of the type of pesticide application that he or she intends to provide, before legally being allowed to do so.  By educating, training, and testing people who apply pesticides, consumers can be assured that the person applying pesticides to their lawn, home, or workplace is knowledgeable and qualified to safely do so.

The 2021 Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification Workshop hosted by K-State Research & Extension Office in Sedgwick County is the largest recertification training in South Central Kansas for commercial pesticide applicators in the lawn & landscape industry.  Training topics will include weed, insect and disease identification and management on turfgrass and ornamental plants, as well as an update on Kansas laws for pesticide applicators.  A brochure with complete schedule details and event information is attached.

The registration fee is $60 to attend if registration is completed by November 1st, 2021.  After November 1st, the registration fee will be $75.00 per person.  Register online at: www.tinyurl.com/2021recertification.

For more information contact Matt McKernan at 316-660-0140, mckernan@ksu.edu or Nancy Richardson at 316-660-0144, nancy77@ksu.edu.  


Matthew McKernan

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