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Sedgwick County

Sedgwick County
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Growing Growers Host Farms

Host Farms are responsible for interviewing, hiring, paying (in the case of paid apprentices), and supervising the apprentice, as well as working out details such as start and end dates, schedule, rate of pay or other compensation, and core responsibilities. The Host Farm is entirely responsible for wages and any other employment benefits. Host Farms may offer to house the Apprentice if it is beneficial, but is not required.

Host Farms will provide 8 total hours of dedicated one-on-one training to the Apprentice, plus further informal training during work hours. The Training Program will pay $200 to the Host Farm for providing the 8 total hours of one-to-one training to each apprentice and for participation in the program. In addition to training the Apprentice, the Host Farm will commit to 4 total hours working with other Host Farmers and Training Program staff to promote success of their Apprentice and the program as a whole.

The Host Farm should arrange the Apprentice's work schedule such that they may assist at the Common Ground Mobile Market for 3-5 total days over the course of the growing season so that Apprentices may gain understanding of the Mobile Market business model and to understand the needs and interests of low-income or low-access consumers. Host Farms must also arrange the Apprentice's schedule that they may attend the required workshops, not missing more than 2 of the 7 workshops. Host Farmers are also invited to attend all workshops, but are not required to do so.

Host Farms may host paid or volunteer Apprentices, depending on their resources and needs. In the case of paid Apprentices, Host Farms will be expected to pay the Apprentice regular farm wages in exchange for the work any farm laborer would do. Training time is extra and unpaid. In the case of volunteer Apprentices, Apprentices will be expected to commit to a minimum of 4 hours per week of unpaid labor to participate in the program. They will be expected to do comparable work to paid employees and to receive similar levels of supervision and support from the Host Farm.

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