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Sedgwick County

Sedgwick County
7001 W. 21st Street N.
Wichita, KS  67205
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Commercial Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts

Farmers Market

The market for locally produced fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, and other products has been increasing consistently over the past several years. Making the jump from growing a home garden to growing for sale can be a challenge, as can diversifying your farm from row crops to specialty crops. We offer a range of programs and resources to help you get started or to increase the profitability of your operation. 

Programs We Offer

The Central Kansas Market Vegetable Growers Workshop is held on a Saturday in early February each year. This workshop features speakers from successful fruit or vegetable operations and K-State specialists. Sessions vary each year and include growing methods, sales and marketing techniques, season extension, business management, and other related topics. Cost is $20. Pre-registration is preferred. 

The Growing Growers Apprenticeship Program started in 2019 and is now in its third year.  

The ICT Food Circle Producer Connections Newsletter shares timely information, upcoming events, and interesting resources for local food producers. Contact Rebecca McMahon at rmcmahon@ksu.edu to be added to the mailing list. 

Participate in the local food community through the ICT Food Circle Local Food Directory, Facebook Page, and Facebook Group. Submit a directory listing

One-on-one consultations are available to any aspiring or established commercial producer in the county. Contact Rebecca McMahon at rmcmahon@ksu.edu to schedule an appointment. 

The Great Plains Growers Conference is held in St. Joseph, MO each January. This conference is co-sponsored by K-State Research & Extension and is one of the premier conferences for commercial fruit and vegetable growers in the region. 


How can I participate in one of the local farmers' markets? 

There are several local farmers' markets, including the Old Town Farm & Art Market, the Kansas Grown! Farmers' Markets, and several others. The Extension office is not responsible for the organization or running of any of these markets, although one of the Kansas Grown! markets is held on our grounds. Visit the ICT Food Circle website for more details, as well as contact information, for Sedgwick County Farmers' Markets.   

Can I sell _____ at a farmers' markets? 

Most fruits and vegetables that have not been processed in any way can be sold in Kansas at farmers' markets or at on-farm or roadside stands. The newly updated publication, Foods Sold Direct to Consumers in Kansas: Regulations and Food Safety Best Practices, provides detailed information on the rules and regulations that govern farmers' market sales. 

What is a high tunnel/hoophouse? Can I build a high tunnel in Sedgwick County? 

A high tunnel or hoophouse is essentially a temporary, unheated greenhouse. As of July 1, 2015, you can build a high tunnel or hoophouse in Sedgwick County without needing a permit or engineered plans. 

Contact Information

Have Questions? Contact:

Sedgwick County 
7001 W. 21st St. North
Wichita KS 67205-1759
(316) 660-0144

Rebecca McMahon
Horticultural Food Crops Agent
(316) 660-0142

Kinzie Kirkland
Growing Growers Program Manager
(316) 660-0145